Sustainable Problem Solving with lean interim as your partner

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Why lean interim ?

Simon Cotton

lean interim achieves lasting benefits

Simon Cotton, Head of Business Unit

I am impressed with Dietmar’s work. He supported in the creation of our quality circle, working with our partner’s in Franke and also with my own team. The work he undertook with us will have lasting benefits. more Testimonials →

lean interim moves all levels of the organization

Jonas Nilsson, Chief Operating Officer

Dietmar Dold, CEO of lean interim GmbH, helped Franke during 2011 with implementation of our internal Project Management system, Quality Circles and E-bidding. Dietmar is a well grounded Lean and Business Excellence consultant that gets engaged with all levels and functions of the organization and gets them moving towards a common vision. His work has been recognized as good support, coordination and progress based on facts and clear set objectives. more Testimonials →

lean interim is well a justified investment

Oliver Zimmermann, Managing Director

The issue of product quality and service level between plants and markets is such a crucial topic and key success factor for us that the „investment“ is well justified. Dietmar Dold has helped us tremendously in establishing the topic at the top of the agenda of the group and making the quality circle a standard procedure of the intercompany business. more Testimonials →