What We do

Most requested Assignments

Strategy Deployment - How to put strategy into action

A good strategy is a good start. But most companies and organizations struggle to connect the dots between the strategy document and what 90% of their employees actually do. We help our clients translate a strategy document into operational reality. Some of the services we provide along the way include:

  • Review the scope and content of breakthrough goals.
  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Facilitation of strategy deployment workshops (Hoshin Kanri). Exemplary:
    • From breakthrough objectives to annual goals
    • From annual goals to initiatives
    • Connect initiatives to accountabilities and measures of success
    • Break goals down from one level of the hierarchy to the next and from regions to the countries that belong to them.
  • Deploy and get feedback and buy-in (Catchball)
  • Deliver Training to Initiate Action Planning and Root Cause and Counter Measure Management

Operating Model and Target Operating Model

Start-ups have a unique opportunity to rebuild their operating model from scratch and perhaps even disrupt some industries that are stuck in their old ways of doing things. Established companies and organizations should review their operating model at least every 5 years, but no later than when a crisis occurs. The COVID-19 pandemic is a good example of crisis that required businesses to change their operating models. Restaurants that prided themselves on ambiance and waiter service quickly had to adopt take-away and delivery services to survive. We offer:

  • Review of your Operating Model
  • SWOT Analysis according to your existing Operating Model
  • Competition Benchmark
  • Developing of Target Operating Model (considering specialties like Tax Optimized Operating Target Model based on Swiss Principal Tax Structure)
  • Gap Analysis between current and Target Operating Model
  • Implementation Planning
  • Leading the Operating Model Transformation

The roles we take

Interim CXO

The most effective and time-efficient way to transform a company or organization is to take the helm as Chief Executive Office – CEO (for Business Transformations) or Chief Operating Office – COO (for Operations Transformations). We also act as Chief Restructuring Officer or Chief Transformation Officer when the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities can be clearly defined and delineated from those of the other CXOs. We are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of our customers. We prefer the assignment on a mandate basis, but we also enter into temporary employment relationships if legal reasons or the nature of the transformation require it.

CXO and Board Sparring Partner or Coach

It is often lonely at the top. We know that from our own experience. Hierarchical thinking, corporate politics and historical events have led to the fact that no one holds a mirror up to the leadership anymore. Decisions are demonstrably better if you play them back and forth a few times with an equal partner.
Depending on your needs, we are available as a sparring partner. We question ideas, strategies, initiatives and decisions before they are made. We are open, direct and honest, probably like no one else in your company. We also bring in ideas that we have learned from comparable but also – especially valuable but unfortunately often underestimated – from other industries and countries.
Besides sparring we also offer classical coaching. It is important to recognize one’s own weaknesses and to take measures against them before the market punishes you for them. In this case we are not the equal idea provider as in sparring, but we coach you as a leader on the factual, but also on the interpersonal level.

Advisor - Management Consultant

Both the founder of Lean Interim, with his professional background as a Management Consultant Partner of one of the Big 4 companies, and his large network can draw on years of experience as business management consultants and thus on proven methods and approaches.
Business problems are analyzed in depth, solution options are developed and the way to the solution is planned in detail and calculated in the most professional way. In contrast to many other management consulting companies, we are not afraid to put this into practice (see Interim CXO or Transformation Management).

Transformation-, Programm-, Project-Manager

We love to breathe life into our concepts, solution proposals and strategy papers. That’s why we like to get our hands dirty and go into implementation without losing sight of the cost-benefit aspect.
We also rescue transformations, programs and projects that other partners of our clients might have had difficulties with. We just love this kind of challenge.

How to work with us

Contract with Lean Interim (no additional Headcount)

We work primarily on a mandate basis. This means that our clients sign a contract with Lean Interim GmbH. The type and content of the contract varies depending on the task, target definition, liability, risk and profit sharing and role in the company.

Interim Management - Temporary Employment (FTE)

Our clients often have a variety of reasons not to agree to a mandate agreement. The most common reason is to be able to present a new CEO to the supervisory board, the employees, the market partners and the media and to have one registered accordingly in the commercial register. Sometimes, however, it is also a certain fatigue and sensitivity of the employees and stakeholders towards outsiders. So we offer to sign employment contracts in order to be able to concentrate on the implementation and achievement of objectives and to implement the necessary internal policies.