Testimonial of our latest non-confidential assignment:

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[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Helen Hui Shen, Head HR Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson“]

Dietmar is a great Lean Coach who delivers great program in an engaging and practical way. I have learnt so much from Dietmar!

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[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“CJ Chen, Strategic Initiatives Lead, APAC, Baxter International Inc“]

I had the pleasure to work with Dietmar, who led KPMG’s Supply Chain & Lean practice in ASEAN. What sets Dietmar apart from other consultants is his first-hand experience on the factory floor, and the fact that he has been the GM of a manufacturing company before. So he can truly look at the issue from a client’s perspective, and understand their pain points. He also strikes a delicate balance between fulfilling client’s requirements and guiding them towards the best approach and outcome.
Dietmar is also a wonderful coach and facilitator, thanks to his interactive style and the ability to get participants actively engaged. I have seen him in action delivering Lean training workshop to clients, and it was one of the best training sessions I have seen. Everyone has learnt a great deal from the session and simulation exercise, even for those who know Lean concepts already.



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[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Patrick Behrendt, GM Continuous Improvement at Air New Zealand“]

Dietmar was engaged prior to my arrival at Air New Zealand by our COO to kickstart a lean transformation in our Christchurch MRO base. Dietmar’s deep competencies in business transformation and the tools and processes of lean, kaizen, collaborative problem solving, were evident throughout the professional engagement. A necessary step along our journey to world-class we are now building on these foundations by focusing on our wider continuous improvement culture and business model.

[photoframe src=“https://media.licdn.com/dms/image/C5603AQGVnGhta4PbrQ/profile-displayphoto-shrink_800_800/0?e=1531353600&v=beta&t=_6s71Ec6ncxDbXgDDjvc0ixuIR7XE9zvjbfv7llm4tQ“ alt=“Patrick Behrendt, Air New Zealand“ width=“80″ height=“80″]Patrick Behrendt


[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Jonas Nilsson, COO, Franke Kitchen Systems“]

Dietmar Dold, CEO of lean interim GmbH, helped Franke during 2011 with implementation of our internal Project Management system, Quality Circles and E-bidding. Dietmar is a well grounded Lean and Business Excellence consultant that gets engaged with all levels and functions of the organization and gets them moving towards a common vision. His work has been recognized as good support, coordination and progress based on facts and clear set objectives.


[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Simon Cotton, Head of Division, Franke „]

I am impressed with Dietmar’s work. He supported in the creation of our quality circle, working with our partner’s in Franke and also with my own team. The work he undertook with us will have lasting benefits.


[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Oliver Zimmermann, Managing Director, Franke GmbH“]

The issue of product quality and service level between plants and markets is such a crucial topic and key success factor for us that the “investment” is well justified. Dietmar Dold has helped us tremendously in establishing the topic at the top of the agenda of the group and making the quality circle a standard procedure of the intercompany business.


[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Jeff Roberts, HR Director, Franke Kitchen Systems“]Dietmar, CEO of lean interim, had been hired as an interim within Kitchen Systems Group to support the global corporate initiative to instil Lean Management into the global organisation, in particular global Operations where over 200 key employees and managers were trained and certified in the lean philosophy and practices. Dietmar is passionate about Lean Management and put all his efforts in to supporting this project and the business. He is hardworking, a good team player and supportive to those around him. I recommend him.

[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Arlo Sims, Global Director Overseas Operations, Franke Kitchen Systems“]I have had the pleasure of working with Dietmar on a few kaizen projects while at Franke together. He has shown great leadership and structure while leading these activities. This along with his strong lean background make him an ideal resource for any company looking to go the next steps.

[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Andy Cochrane, Plant Manager, Carron Phoenix LtD, Scottland“]From my own perspective, I found Dietmar to be highly professional, with very good
business acumen and in-depth international experience in Lean culture. His personable
style helps him to connect with all levels in the organisation and energise them towards
the goal. I am sure that the Franke Group will continue to benefit from his knowledge that
he shared.

[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Head of FLOW and Quality Franke Kitchen Systems“]Dietmar’s work received praise from all key stakeholders and earned my recommendation for any strategic project and operational execution assignment.

[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Domenico Arena, Lean SixSigma Coordinator, Faber S.p.A“]Dietmar is a straightforward and smart person, with high skills in Lean and in Project Management, always ready to give the right solution. It was a great pleasure to work with him.

[blockquote align=“center“ cite=“Carlo Traversari, Director Quality Dept., Faber S.p.A, Italy“]Dear Dietmar,
first of all I have to thank you for the strong support you gave us on the project between Faber Italy and Franke Germany, because you really helped us in turning a „just complaining situation“ into a really cooperative and productive relationship.
What really impressed me is that, even though you were not an expert on the topics we were debating, you immediately identified the relevant things and drove all the team in keeping the focus on them, always with lean principles in mind in order to prevent any type of waste. We had the chance to work together only on that project, but I heard similar comments from some of my colleagues that were in touch with you for some other topics.
Therefore I have to say that it was a pleasure for me to work with you, I had the chance to learn from your leadership style and the way you manage the meetings and the development of the project over the months, and I would be glad if we could have the chance to work again together.
Wish you the best, Carlo[/blockquote]

Christoph Krahé, Head of Supply Chain Management in 2011

“Dear Dietmar, I think you provided exceptionally good project management.“ 16.8.2011

Marcel Meyer, Referent Enterprise Risk Management, Siemens AG, Corporate Finance, (former classmate during MBA studies)

Dietmar is one of the person you meet in life and you instantly know that this is somebody who is able to move mountains. I always appreciated his powerful, motivational, honest and inspirational personality during our time we spent together. He has a very deep understanding of management methodologies paired with a high degree of experience making him valueable in a wide range of business topics. During our group exercises and case studies it was a pleasure to learn from him, discuss with him in a very constructive and fair but intensive way where the result often was more than we both expected. His excellent ability to present and moderate emphasizes his natural leader gene. He has the ability to convince independently of language and culture. And last but not least I’m constantly impressed by his energy and his ability to energize other people utilizing his outstanding communicational skills and his natural charisma. I wish him all the best for his future and I’m looking forward to keep contact and share our experiences and knowledge. Dietmar, you really enlighted my MBA study and became a real friend of mine. Thanks!

Dr. Eduard van Kleef , Senior Manager , PricewaterhouseCoopers

I enjoyed the great privilege of working with Dietmar in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Transaction Services Strategy and Operations Group. I have gotten to know Dietmar as a thoroughly rounded business professional with a broad range of skills in both general management and more specialist subjects. During his time at PwC he took on a wide-ranging array of consultancy projects ranging from online marketing strategy to business recovery. All of these he mastered with bravado. He has extensive international experience and has a global mindset. On a human level, he is uncomplicated and pleasant to work with whilst at the same time contributing his sharp thinking in a non-obtrusive manner. I can whole-heartedly recommend Dietmar to any employer and/or business partner.”

Craig Purse, CEO, Videojet, A DANAHER COMPANY

This award goes to Switzerland, where the team of Dietmar has beaten the COMPETITION by excellent salesmanship – not discounting. They actually sold at prices far above the competition.

Sascha Benke , Marketing Manager, Videojet, A DANAHER COMPANY

Dietmar is a competent and fact-driven person who persues and achieves his goals. He is able to handle both complex and challenging situations with engagement, linking the resources required to solve these challenges. I have enjoyed working with Dietmar on a professional and on a personel level.

Mark Reijnders , Systems/network engineer , Videojet Technologies Inc., A DANAHER COMPANY

Dietmar is a very sales driven manager that knows how to let his collegues perform at the top without loosing sight of the human aspects. He is a man of his word and an excellent collegue and manager who has very good knowledge of the market. It was a real pleasure working with him.

Laurent Borgagni , Graphics sales specialist EMEA , Videojet, A DANAHER COMPANY

Dietmar is one of the most objective driven persons I know: once he holds a business growth opportunity he will not release his grip until he has realised it and he will be able to gather and team-up all ressources necessary for success.

Moritz Wuttke, CEO Asia & China bei Publicitas, Chairman of the Board bei Publicitas Singapore, Member of the board, Chairman bei namics ag

Dietmar is a nice, very competent Consultant. He was delivered great results. I can highly recommend him.” Wichtigste Eigenschaften: Hervorragende Ergebnisse , Fachkundig , Pünktlich

Marcel Kisch , Project Manager , Pixelpark AG, A Bertelsmann Company

Approximately in 1999 I co-operated with Dietmar. Which began first as a participant on different E-Commerce Workshops, led little later to an E-Commerce project, in which I provided advisory support. Dietmar is much ready to learn, has a rapid apprehension and analyses founded and critical. His straightforward and friendly customer guidance made the work with him at any time a real joy. Hey friend, never loose your positive attitude 🙂

Peter van Veen , Managing Director , Pixelpark UK, A Bertelsmann Company

Dietmar is an exceptional project manager/ operations professional. He worked for me at Pixelpark UK for 6 months and set up the project office which set quality control and project delivery processes for the entire UK operations. He also helped put project back on course for a number of clients. Despite the fluid nature of the business and continual change, including downsizing, Dietmar was able to deliver exceptional results. I can highly recommend him as an operations professional.

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