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Screenshot of blog gemab panta rei
Screenshot of blog gemab panta rei

One of the main reasons for my blog is to collect great LEAN and INTERIM Management Resources, without producing a lot of redundancies.

When you start your research in the Web in regard of good Lean Information you will end up with Gemba Panta Rei sooner or later. After reading hours and hours through this blog it was clear that it’s a must to have the blog of Jon Miller and his colleagues connected as well.

Jon was born in Japan and it is a great value add to know someone who not only understand Japanese but even understand the meaning of Japanese words of e.g. Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno in the context of the culture. Great resource.

I wrote Jon an eMail and (I guess the moment he woke up and read my email) he replied immediately:

Hello Dietmar

Please feel free to add our blog as a resource to

Your site is an interesting mix of English and German. I will review it
more carefully.

Best wishes,

Jon Miller
Gemba Research LLC

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