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Lean Interim News: Redesign and regional focus

The increasing traffic and global popularity of this site asked for the next step. From today on, posts in English only on lean A professional redesign and our contact details of all of our three active regions: Americas, EMA and Asia Pacific. in English only

We started this blog with some articles in German and other posts in English. The „Translation Plug-in“ made it possible, that all of you could read our posts in your language in real time. At least, we though so. Lean is all about people and so we take the „Voice of the Customer“ serious – practice what you preach. In your eMails and Feedback you asked us to focus on one language and empower the readers to decide for themselves for or against using a translator. As a result, we took your wish in account for this relaunch and our posts on will be in English only. For our German speaking target group we started two other pages:

[list style=“check“ color=“black“]

  • for our customer and friends in Germany.
  • for our customer and friend in Switzerland, representing the lean interim GmbH Head Office.

In addition, we added all our contact details in the footer on every page. Feel free to get in touch.


When we designed this Blog and created a Logo for Twitter, we decided for blue colors. But our business is not a relaxing and cool analytical blue. We help our customers to turnaround from red to black figures. We work under pressure and we are willing to touch hot topics. Yes, lean interim must be in red. We’ve got the copyrights on the wordings lean and interim and now we fixed the Trademark lean interim. We hope, you like our new logo and our new corporate identity. Feedback is always welcome.

Time to say thank you for your loyality

Honestly, we started this Blog just for us in early 2010. As we keep reading lots of good books every month. We investing heavily in further education. While we were publishing some of the sources we red and summarizing a few thoughts, you started visiting us frequently. We still want continue writing about the topics we are confronted , but yes, we start watching and analyzing our traffic and want to thank you. Just in the last 365 days, you were reading our posts from almost any country the world.

„Hello and thank you“ to our readers in:

1 Germany
2 United States
3 Switzerland
4 United Kingdom
5 (not set)
6 Austria
7 Netherlands
8 Canada
9 France
10 India
11 Brazil
12 Italy
13 Australia
14 Denmark
15 Singapore
16 Belgium
17 Russia
18 Ireland
19 Sweden
20 Philippines
21 Mexico
22 Turkey
23 Hong Kong
24 Norway
25 Poland
26 Czech Republic
27 Finland
28 Thailand
29 United Arab Emirates
30 Spain
31 New Zealand
32 Hungary
33 Malaysia
34 South Africa
35 Madagascar
36 Portugal
37 Japan
38 Indonesia
39 Bulgaria
40 Romania
41 Luxembourg
42 Pakistan
43 Croatia
44 El Salvador
45 China
46 Argentina
47 Morocco
48 Israel
49 Ecuador
50 Slovenia
51 Ukraine
52 Uruguay
53 Peru
54 Egypt
55 Syria
56 Belize
57 Armenia
58 Costa Rica
59 Bangladesh
60 Latvia
61 Zambia
62 Vietnam
63 Saudi Arabia
64 Puerto Rico
65 Slovakia
66 Macau
67 Jordan
68 Bosnia and Herzegovina
69 Greece
70 Réunion
71 Serbia
72 Cyprus
73 Nigeria
74 Colombia
75 South Korea
76 Trinidad and Tobago


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