596 minutes every lean thinker have to invest

„The Gold Mine“  by Freddy and Michael Ballé  climbed my personal olymp of  audiobooks.

My current assignment force me to drive three hours per day by car. I see this as a great opportunity to listen to as many audiobooks as possible and extend my horizonts. After listening to the „old stuff“ like Womack and Jones  „Lean Thinking“ again, I started some research on lean books and I landed on the site of my old friends from the Lean Enterprise Institute (Womack and Jones) and downloaded the Audiobook „The Gold Mine“  from Amazon.

Nine CDs full of very valuable material gave me almost a whole week of great entertainment in the car. Actually I was really looking forward to get stucked in the traffic to finish one CD per driving direction. Today, I really wish I would have found an Audiobook like this when I started my lean carreer many years ago. This story drags you into the real lean thinking and teaches in a very smart way the basics of lean tools like 5S, Kanban, etc.. Just great.

Someone should take this Audiobook (or maybe the book) and start shooting a film. I would love to invest a part of my earnings to see this project come alive. Go for it.

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