Economics and value creation – „individual value“

Do you like sarcasm? Oh, you don’t, better stop reading. LEAN-THINKERS like us keep asking the same questions every day (at least while doing value stream mapping):  What’s the value of this? What’s the value of that? Does is really add value to the customers? Well, I just ran into a new book of journalist Joern Klare asking similar questions but in a very different context… Don’t take the following article too serious and don’t even think that I share any opinion of the written, but I like the sarcasm about our own economic thinking and the effect it happen to us when we put it in more or less „private topic context“.

„They killed someone just to get 100 bugs of him …life is of much higher value than this, isn’t it?“

Joern Klare wants to answer this question in a pure economic approach in his German book „Was bin ich wert?“.

He found his answer. His value is 1.129.381,21€.

In his book, man are of higher value than woman, adults count more than kids, because they pay more tax, have a better education etc. In average a 45-year-old man is the most productive with 19.000€ in return for the state. You start loosing value when you get older. Can you increase your value? Yes, you can! Invest in education but not in philosophy, egyptology or something like this, it must be, you guess it, economics or engineering science. What about the value of our pure body? 63 Kilo Oxygen, 20 Kilo Carbone, 10 Kilo of water and some other stuff lead to less than 1000 bugs! What about body functions? Quite a difficult topic. Modern slave traders sell young woman from Albania to Italy for a few hundred bugs, Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is traded at a value of 75 Million Euro, for all internal organs of a dead body you get up to 250.000 US$ in the USA…

All in all a very cruel and austere book!

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