Starting Criteria for a successful LEAN-INTERIM assignment

You can’t apply the new LEAN-INTERIM approach to all kind of Interim Assignments. To be successful with this approach you need to stick to at least 5 golden rules to be able to turn your client in a long lasting enterprise that delivers exceptional value to customer and society.

  1. Just accept assignments on executive level having at least one board member to understand and commit to the dramatical change the company will go through to be successful on the long run.
  2. Make sure that you’ll have access to all employees and information to start your journey bottom up asking „why?“ and „can you show me?“
  3. Announce up-front that middle managers will be change agents from day one you start.
  4. Do not accept assignments below 12 month! You won’t have the time it will take to develop people who really understand and live the philosophy. Make sure that your assignment objectives measures processes to be established, which will lead to become a learning organization (and a lean organization on the long run). In addition get up-front  and in written that you are the one who will choose the successor to protect the investment already done into lean transformation.
  5. Just always be aware: One a scale of difficulty, it is „extremely“ difficult, what you do! Make sure you get paid for it.

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