LEAN-INTERIM or just temporary Lean Assignment

Today, there are not soooo many  LEAN-INTERIM Assignments out there. But LEAN-INTERIM Managers need to survive, train their skills and extend their reputation without betraying the LEAN PHILOSOPHY. This article and decision scheme should help to be aware of the actual situation at all time and stages of Interim Assignments.

Being an Interim Manager is one of the most interesting but also most challenging jobs in regards of scheduling assignments (equal income) and bridging between big real LEAN-INTERIM Assignments. As a LEAN-THINKER it will give you a hard time to betray the LEAN PHILOSOPHY by doing the same mistake as pseudo lean companies do and just applying Lean Tools to solve the actual problem of your client. But keep in mind that your kids are hungry and lean skills need to be trained daily. For this reasons you probably should take pseudo lean assignments as well.

From my personal point of view it is just important to be aware of knowing at each stage of an assignment if the client has the potential to become a real lean company or not. This starts with the first executive meeting and ends with the last board presentation. To help you with the main questions I draw up the following scheme which is based on the „top leadership’s commitment to lean“ scheme [LIKE2004, P.292]

lean-interim or lean assignment
lean-interim or lean assignment

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