iPAD – Go to GEMBA and more for LEAN THINKERS

LEAN-INTERIM iPAD, new chances for Lean ThinkersToday is a great day for all Lean Thinkers and Interim Managers. The iPad starts selling in Europe. Going to Gemba is daily business for you as a manager. What did you take with you in the past? Just a good memory? A note-pad? A Labtop? And a camera to take pictures of the mass or chaos on the shopfloor? The iPAD will revolutionize your „Going to Gemba“and more…

Enhancing my daily life is one of my personal objectives. I see a great chance for all Interim Managers in using the iPAD (Presentation, Notes, eMail, Research, Pictures,…) . A new business potential for LEAN Management and TPS Tools for the iPAD and Apple’s APP Store. Please keep me posted if you are working on something or if you have any idea, how the iPAD can make life of  LEAN Managers and Interim Managers easier.

Looking forward to your postings

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